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Teacher Fellowship Opportunity: Integrating Computer Science and Geography in Grades 3-12

The California Geographic Alliance and California Global Education Project are launching a new professional learning and leadership opportunity for teachers. Funding provided to the California Subject Matter Projects by the state legislature through  makes it possible for us to offer a unique 17-month fellowship program. Successful applicants will develop strategies and resources for integrating computer science principles into geography instruction.

This program is based on two premises.

  1.  Geographic thinking and computational thinking are both powerful tools for students to use in understanding their world and the social and environmental issues that shape their lives at local and global scales.
  2. Integrating computer science into geography instruction can strengthen students’ understanding of geographic concepts. It also gives them strong preparation for applying geographic thinking  and making meaningful contributions in the era of big data and big global challenges.

No matter the subject area you teach, you are eligible to apply for this fellowship if you are invested in developing your students’ geographic knowledge and skills.