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The Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) Curriculum
EEI is California’s groundbreaking, first-in-the nation K-12 environmental education curriculum. It’s California State Board of Education-approved, teaches select California science and history/social science standards and helps support Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Each EEI Curriculum unit contains a combination of teacher, classroom and student components that are chock-full of engaging lessons and informational texts.

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World Geography Lessons
This set of world geography lessons invites students to explore agriculture, cities, oceans, rivers, volcanoes, and other themes.  These lessons are based on geography content standards and were originally written for Year 6 (Grade 6) students, but can be used with higher grades.  They all are hands-on investigations with some core statements of key content.  They all use ArcGIS Online with no log in required.

Find the World Geography Lessons here:

A Curated List of Multimedia Links for Geography Education
These links are not on the CGA website, and will open in a new tab.

Name Subject Type Grade
National Geographic Educator Resources General Mixed All
Earth Now from NASA Environment & Society Interactive 10
Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the United States Environment & Society Video 7-12
Human Footprint Interactive Environment & Society Interactive Webtool 5
The Economy of a Tent City Displacement Video 9
Living in flooded New Orleans Displacement Video 9
Living in the French Quarter Displacement Video 9
Returning to Jefferson Parish Displacement Video 9
Saving Wild Places in the ‘Anthropocene’ Environment & Society Radio Clip 9
RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism Global Economy Video 12
Majora Carter: Greening the ghetto Social Issues Video 10
Visualizing US Expansion: 1700 – 1900 Population, Migration Video 7
Animated Thematic Map of the Two Party system in America Politics Video 6
Hans Rosling – 200 years of global change Environment & Society Video 11
American history in 60 seconds Geography – Basics Video 6
The United States – Location, Size and Regions Geography – Basics Video 5
Globalization explained Global Economy Video 9
Visualizing The Edible City in 3 Minutes Food/Agriculture Video 9
Gas Rush Stories “Shorts” (39 videos in link) Environment & Society Video 10