California History-Social Science Framework

The CGA has been supporting the rollout of the new Framework since 2016.  We can help you implement the framework and strengthen geography education through a renewed focus on content knowledge, data literacy, inquiry-based instruction, and strategies that support taking informed action.  Contact us to begin planning to meet the needs of your teachers and students.

  • Dr. Thomas Herman is a member of the Content, Literacy, Inquiry and Civic Action (CLIC) Statewide Collaboration Committee.  See the new CLIC website with resources and support for professional learning.
  • CGA partners with the California Global Education Project and Dr. Emily Schell to assure a session on Geography is included in each framework conference held throughout the state, including those being organized for 2019-20 by the California History-Social Science Project.
  • CGA works with Regional CLIC groups and individual schools/districts/counties, as requested.  Special presentations and full-day PD workshops have been provided in Los Angeles, Monterey, Orange,  and San Diego Counties.  The CGA needs your help to get to teachers in every part of the state!
  • CGA collaborated with the LA County Office of Education to create a 1-hour video on the implications of the framework on Geography instruction.  The video features comments by former President of the American Association of Geographers Dr. Sarah Bednarz as well as examples of inquiry-based instruction in geography.

Link to the 2016 History-Social Science Framework document.

Link to the History-Social Science Content Standards (1998).  Note: the framework revision  did not change the grade-level standards.  Those standards are still in effect and were included in the Framework document as an Appendix.