StoryMap Collection

These StoryMaps support geographic inquiry and deep learning around topics of high relevance.

By the CGA

California Missions in Time and Space
Where a colonial empire and indigenous peoples made contact.

Capitals, Capitols, and County Seats
Where does government business get done?

Follow the Anza Expedition of 1775-76
The real story of diverse colonists on an epic journey.

Our California Is Yours to Explore
Extend the exploration begun in the book by Pam Muñoz Ryan (published by Charlesridge)

The Geography of the Black Population in the U.S.
Scale matters in understanding where Black Americans are.

What Makes Crystal Cove a Special Place?
A geographic exploration.


Pollution and Prejudice, by CalEPA
Redlining and Environmental Injustice in California

Segregation by the Sea, by Stephanie Williams
The Story of California’s Black Beaches

Justice Deferred, by Esri
Executive Order 9066 and the geography of Japanese-American imprisonment during WWII

1,001 Novels: A Library of America, by Susan Straight
Classic novels of American life and stories deeply embedded in the many regional places of the United States are mapped.

California’s 30×30 Initiative
Conserving 30 percent of our lands and coastal waters by 2030.

Tahoe’s Climate Future, by CA Tahoe Conservancy
How Is Climate Change Affecting Lake Tahoe, and How Are We Adapting?

Living in the Age of Humans
A series of stories examining the planet-wide impacts of human activities

Rohingya Refugee Emergency at a Glance, by UNHCR
The influx to Bangladesh is one of the largest and fastest-growing refugee crises in decades

Misconceptions, by John Nelson
Some common geographic mental misplacements

En Español

¿El mundo está lleno o vacío?, de Esri
Un vistazo a los extremos de los patrones de población humana

(Granja) Planeta animal, de Esri
Echar un vistazo a la producción de ganado en todo el mundo

Abordar la crisis climática, de Esri
¿Por qué las soluciones geoespaciales son clave para comprender y responder al cambio climático?