AP Human Geography


Advanced Placement ® Human Geography is a college level course designed to represent a systematic study of the Earth and its inhabitants. APHG mirrors a typical undergraduate level Introduction to Human Geography course and covers the following seven units: the geographic perspective; population; cultural patterns and processes; political organization of space; agricultural and rural land use; industrialization and economic development, and cities and urban land use. This course should help students understand how cultural, economic and political systems relate to the distribution of human activities, the nature of places, and people’s interaction with their environment.

In addition to mastering the course content, each student should be prepared to pass the national college-level Advanced Placement Examination in May. Students may be eligible for college credit for successfully completing the exam. This course should prepare students to enroll in intermediate and advanced level human geography courses at the college level.

How to Teach APHG in one semester

You can download the course outline including a complete set of by unit calendars provided by NCGE member, Lisa Sanders.  Please refer to the download link below:


Exam Review Ideas and Strategies

Ken Keller in NCGE listed 20 tips regard as exam review ideas and strategies.



Resource from : http://www.ncge.org/aphg2-