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Environmental Justice for California Communities: An Interdisciplinary Workshop Series for Secondary Teachers

This is an exciting Professional Learning program presented by the California Environmental Literacy Initiative, several California Subject Matter Projects, and the California Geographic Alliance. We are excited to support a cohort of teachers to become leaders in using an exciting new resource for place-based environmental learning and action.

In the 3-part series, teachers will get experience with classroom-ready resources and will learn how they and their students can use geospatial tools to develop their own inquiries. The CHELA (California’s Hub for Environmental Learning and Action) website helps educators, students, and collaborators:

  • use powerful GIS mapping tools to access current data and visualize, understand, and analyze important issues in a way that centers their own communities and concerns, wherever in the state they may live;
  • follow their interests and hone their own questions across a broad range of topics related to the environment, sustainability, and environmental justice; and
  • share their stories of environmental learning, action, and advocacy.

We are using an application process to ensure access to this program for teachers from multiple subject areas and different regions of the state. We hope to be able to accept all applicants, but we will be giving priority to teams (working within or across disciplines) who are prepared to work together on implementation during and after the program. Please complete the form to provide information about yourself.

Apply early to claim your spot. We will be conducting our first round of application reviews on May 16 but will keep the application open until all space in the workshop is filled.

Successful applicants will be expected to attend three 1.5 hour workshops held virtually on Saturday mornings (9:30-11:00 on 8/27, 9/24, and 10/22) and will be paid a stipend of $200 upon completion.