The California Geographic Alliance (CGA) educates, empowers, and inspires Californians to appreciate their unique place in a diverse and increasingly interconnected world. We believe that geography education is critical to the success of our young people in order to foster global understanding and growth. Our goal is to help build geo-literate citizens who care about the planet’s people, places and environments, and who feel empowered to strive for a more sustainable and equitable world.

The time is now for geography!

Education plays a massively important role in our society — preparing young people to take control of their own futures and contribute to their communities, their country, and the planet. In California, this role has been underscored by initiatives focusing on environmental literacy, civic engagement, and global competence as priority outcomes of K-12 instruction.

Geography education can help integrate the knowledge students develop in different disciplines. It can also build bridges between education and students own lives, interests, and identities in ways that create cultural relevance. This is because geography (space, place, and mobility) is the fabric that connects individual lives and local communities to broader social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental systems. Whether you teach in History-Social Science, STEM, the Humanities, or any other subject, engaging with geographic perspectives will lead your students to deeper understandings and more points of connection between who they are, what they are learning, and what they can do in the future.