The California Geographic Alliance (CGA) educates, empowers, and inspires Californians to appreciate their unique place in a diverse and increasingly interconnected world. We believe that geography education is critical to the success of our young people in order to foster global understanding and growth. Our goal is to help build geo-literate citizens who care about the planet’s people, places and environments, and who feel empowered to strive for a more sustainable and equitable world.

Geo-Quest is Here!

By using state-of-the-art geospatial information technology and web mapping services, the California Geographic Alliance (CGA) is developing an innovative web-based education platform, called “Geo-Quest: California’s Education Portal.” This new platform will provide active learning and collaborative education resources to encourage spatial thinking and spatial literacy for K-12 students and teachers in California. Our goal is to use Geo-Quest to transform Geography Education to encompass deeper understanding of diverse human experiences and active problem solving using hands-on skills and exercises. Students will be able to use Geo-Quest’s web and mobile tools to learn big ideas in geography with real world issues, such as climate change, resource extraction, disease outbreaks, migration, wildfire risk and management, population change, and more. The content design of Geo-Quest will adopt interdisciplinary approaches to enhance geographic concepts with new data and technologies, such as social media, the digital humanities, big data, citizen science, web GIS, and volunteered geographic information.  Click here to explore Geo-Quest.