My California GIS Mapping Showcase and Competition

The “My California GIS Mapping Showcase and Competition” will be continuing in 2020-21, the 5th running of this annual event. This exciting statewide opportunity encourages middle (4th-8th grade) and high school (9th-12th grade) students to harness the power of Geographic Information Systems and get connected with their state by producing an online map that focuses on stories, issues, or ideas that are important to them.

Schools may register for the competition beginning in late October. An updated link will be provided when available.  Note: Please access registration form using Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge/Explorer web browsers.    

  • For schools who would like to participate in the mentoring program, registrations are due before midnight on Friday, January 31, 2021. If available, GIS professionals will provide feedback on students’ projects.
  • The regular registration deadline is midnight on Friday, March 12, 2021.
  • Information below is for the 2019-20 competition, but you can expect a similar timeline for the 5th edition.

A graphic summarizing the timeline and entry criteria for the My California GIS Mapping Showcase and Competition for 2020.

For the detailed contest rules and judging criteria, go here.

GIS Professionals and Professors, sign up to become a mentor and/or judge by emailing camapcomp@gmail.comMentoring will occur during March, and judging will occur in late April through early May.

Contact Dr. Waverly Ray at with questions about the contest.

See previous years’ winners and honorable mentions here.