Atlas  Overview

The atlas titled “California: A Changing State” is a teaching resource developed by the CGA with support from the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, S.D. Bechtel Junior Foundation – Stephen Bechtel Fund, the National Geographic Education Foundation and Humboldt State University. Designed for a fourth grade audience, the 50-page atlas includes over 100 original maps, diagrams and tables, including information about how to understand and use maps. Class sets of the print version of the Atlas, including transparent county overlays, are FREE to educators who attend California Geographic Alliance professional development workshops. Please contact the CGA if you are interested in attending a future workshop or even bringing one to your area.

The atlas content and accompanying lesson plans are now readily available to all on the CGA web site, and the SDSU CGA team is busy working toward the creation of a “next generation” atlas that would run on mobile computing platforms and use interactive mapping applications. Stay tuned for more news on the future of this valuable resource!

Download the Atlas Presentation PowerPoint