Logo for California Biodiversity Day features a monarch perched on the rim of a pair of glasses. A nature scene is reflected in one lens.

Celebrate California Biodiversity Day by Documenting Biodiversity in Your Spaces, Sept. 4-12

To recognize California Biodiversity Day , the California Geographic Alliance is organizing students across the state to become Biodiversity Explorers and Mappers. In the interest of developing environmental literacy and stewardship in all young people, this will be an opportunity for close observation and appreciation of the amazing diversity of organisms present in our state, which is a global biodiversity hotspot.

The BioBlitz starts September 4 and ends on September 12. Using the citizen science platform iNaturalist, students will document wild plants, animals, insects, and other organisms that they observe in their yards, school grounds, or local parks and open spaces. In addition to the individual observations contributing to science, the collective efforts of students will be shared in a unique map using online mapping software (ArcGIS Online) that is freely available to all schools.

Teachers and student leaders are invited to attend an optional informational webinar on 9/2/2021 at 3:45 p.m. ZOOM LINK – Passcode is 618478 (Slides from webinar are available here).

Project links:
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California biodiversity collage

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